Heat Treat & Steels

The heat treat of my blades is extremely important to me. I do all my heat treating in house and utilize modern methods such as cryogenic treatment in liquid nitrogen as well as micrograph analysis of my heat treated steels with a special metallurgical microscope to ensure maximum quality. My wet grinding process ensures that the heat treat is not compromised.

Here you can watch a demonstration of me cutting through a steel rod with one of my knives: 




My range of steels:



  • Nitrobe 77 
  • Vanax Superclean
  • M390 Microclean

Non /Semi Stainless:

  • Vancron Superclean (updated and refined version of Vancron 40)
  • S390 Microclean
  • K390 Microclean
  • Z-Wear
  • CPM 3V
  • CPM 4V
  • Uddeholm Caldie