My current range of models




Being an hommage to the classic "Woodlore" knife, this bushcraft knife features a TRUE zero scandi grind, meaning that there is no micro bevel. The 13 degrees per side bevels are also truly flat, so that sharpening on stones is easy and convenient and really fast. My steel of choice for this model is Z-Wear PM steel at 62 Rockwell, which offers an incredible combination of toughness and wear resistance. Thanks to my wet grinding process, which I explain here, you will probably also find that this scandi edge will handle a lot more stress than many people think, as it has not been overheated.

Comes with dangler style leather sheath.


Quick demonstration video:


In terms of edge toughness at over 60 Rockwell, I made this video:


Price: Starting at 480 USD (depending on steel and handle materials.)

Bushcraft Hunter


A knife that is excellent for both bushcrafting and hunting - your ideal companion for the outdoors! Being an avid bushcrafter and outdoorsman myself, it was only natural for me to develop a knife like this as my very first fixed blade knife design.

Comes with leather sheath.


Price: Starting at 500 USD (depending on steel and handle materials.)



My most favourite model, the "Shard" is your ideal companion to carry everyday. The knife can be carried comfortably and discreetly inside your waistband and will be invisible even when wearing tight clothing. The included kydex sheath is designed so that the edge will never come in contact with the sheath. The blade length is between 2.8 and 3 inches, the blade width about one inch.

Watch my presentation video here:


Price: 480 USD (except Vancron Superclean)

Slim Shard


This is a slimmer version of my Shard model. The blade width is about a third less.


Price: 480 USD (except Vancron Superclean)

The folders are (hopefully) coming soon!