All my grinding is done wet so the steel gets not overheated and the edge retention reduced drastically as a consequence. Being a knife collector myself, I know - as many "knife nuts" know - that  factory made knives more often than not come with overheated edges and require one to three full sharpening sessions in order to bring to surface the "good" (e.g. not overheated) steel. While it luckily seems like more and more companies are realizing the wasted potential caused by burned edges due to the lack of water cooling, it still seems to be the common case for a new knife that it needs to be sharpened one to several times before all the overheated steel at the edge is removed.

Well, not with my knives!  I built myself a wet grinding setup, which you can see below, so that my knives stay sharp as long as possible when you receive them! Additionally, I put the final edge on by hand - here you find more info on my edges.