I kind of got into the whole knife making thing by sharpening knives. I think I can say that my knives are exceptionally sharp when I deliver them to my customers, since I sharpen all of them by hand down to a grit  of usually 0.125 micron or finer. This will lead to a mirror polished edge on most edges and steels, as you can see for example in the picture above on this scandi knife. Please watch the two videos below where I cut various hard to cut materials in order to see how sharp my knives are when I deliver them to my customers.


Cutting free hanging toilet paper

Scared of the sharpness? No? Good! But if you are, there is no need to be, because a dull knife is a dangerous knife. Yes, you heard that right! The sharper a knife is, the safer it is! This is because a dull knife is much harder to control while cutting and also requires a lot more pressure to cut through material. As a result, it is easy to slip and cut into something you don't want to, worst case yourself. And while a dull knife maybe is too dull to cut through a piece of wood, it will very likely still be able to cut you! So for your own safety and because I think the single purpose of a knife is to cut through matter, I deliver all my knives extremely sharp.