I kind of got into the whole knife making thing by sharpening knives. I think I can say that my knives are exceptionally sharp when I deliver them to my customers, since I sharpen all of them by hand down to a grit  of usually 0.125 micron or finer. This will lead to a mirror polished edge on most edges and steels, as you can see for example in the picture above on this scandi knife. Please watch the two videos below where I cut various hard to cut materials in order to see how sharp my knives are when I deliver them to my customers.


Cutting free hanging toilet paper



Cutting free standing catalouge paper


Scared of the sharpness? No? Good! But if you are, there is no need to be, because a dull knife is a dangerous knife. Yes, you heard that right! The sharper a knife is, the safer it is! This is because a dull knife is much harder to control while cutting and also requires a lot more pressure to cut through material. As a result, it is easy to slip and cut into something you don't want to, worst case yourself. And while a dull knife maybe is too dull to cut through a piece of wood, it will very likely still be able to cut you! So for your own safety and because I think the single purpose of a knife is to cut through matter, I deliver all my knives as sharp as I can: at least hair popping* sharp! 



INFO:  Some steels allow for much greater sharpness than "hair popping"( = letting hair popp off as soon as the edge touches it) as I have demonstrated in the videos above. Not all steels on the market can get that "crazy" sharpness you see in the videos above, yet most of the steels I offer can. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions in that regard.


There is also some variance to the degree of mirror finishes: While some steels will take a flawless mirror polish pretty fast, others, like for example CPM-4V, do not. (Seriously, mirror polishing CPM 4V could be a punishment...) If you want to be sure to have a flawless mirror finish on your edge, please tell me. Depending on the steel and grind, I might have to charge extra however; this would have to be discussed directly in detail, as some grinds (for example scandi) can easily require 2-3 hours for a perfect mirror finish, without even being on a high wear resistant steel such as said CPM 4V. But no matter what steel you choose for your knife: it will be disturbingly sharp out of the box!