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INFO: Im receiving a lot of messages each day and it can take up to several weeks for me to reply. i try my best! if you need a reply fast, it is better to contact me via direct message on Instagram, my username on Instagram is: @kknives_switzerland


How to get a Kasé Custom Knife

I don't take orders in a classical sense - instead I have a list where I write down what kind of knife/steel/handle material somebody wants. Whenever I happen to make a knife (usually I make batches of 3) that is fitting someones' specifications on the list, I will notify that person and they have the first chance to buy within 24, hours. After that, I either move on to the next person in line or offer it publicly. This allows me to both take into account customers' specific requests as well as keeping a steady output in knives and adapt to spontaneously emerging demands as well as material availability very quickly. The amount of time I require for building is completely unpredictable, as I tend to make those knives and steels first I have the most people waiting for. Thank you very much for your interest!! 


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