My current range of models




My so far best selling model. Made without CNC machining.

The Turbo is available in all steels I offer - including CPM Rex 121 at 71 Rockwell C. Available steels as well as more information on my heat treatment you can find under the steels section of my website. In order to handle the high hardness blade for several lifetimes, the through hardened stop pin is  close to the hardness of the respective blade steel being used. (1-2HRC lower than the blade.) The stop pin can also be rotated 8 times should it ever start to wear. The pivot is made out of stainless steel and hardened to 60-62HRC.

The blade runs on 13 ceramic, phosphorus bronze caged bearings which themselves run on a 62HRC hard steel washers to avoid wearing the titanium scales. The detent ball is also ceramic. The lock face is carbidized and engages the lock bar at an 7.9 to 8° angle.  

Overall length opened: 19.5cm

Overall length closed: 11.3cm

Blade length: 9cm (8.5cm cutting edge)

Blade thickness: depends on steel; in most cases 3.8mm)


Additional information:

The bearings come pre lubed and should be lubed at least once a year.

Disassembly (if ever needed) is easy - only blue loctite.



Price: 1500 Swiss Francs

Price when adding extra materials, inlays or other aesthetic elements may varies. Reach out to me if you want to add more features to your knife!



Shipped with tracking, insurance to full value, signature required on delivery, express, 5-10 days shipping time to anywhere in the world. Shipping is included.


Joe Vogel "Evolution"



I am honored to make the knife designed by the legendary survival expert Johannes "Joe" Vogel, which he continuously refined over the course of many years to its present form. The  "Evolution" incorporates everything one needs from a knife to survive in even the most adverse conditions. Joe put his decades worth of experience and knowledge into designing this blade. It is an honor for me that he chose me to make it. 

But not only survivalists will appreciate this blade: It excels both at bushcrafting and hunting, being your ideal companion for the outdoors.  It features a convex edge, as always hand sharpened and wet ground.

Joe's and my steel of choice for the Evolution Survival knife is Vanax Superclean (60-61Rockwell C) but I also offer it in different steels upon request.

The bolts are 304 stainless steel corby bolts like on all my fixed blades; for maximum sturdiness in addition to G-Flex epoxy.

Comes with leather sheath.



Overall length: 220mm 

Blade length: 118mm

Blade thickness: 4-4.5mm (depends on steel)


Link to Joe Vogel's website (in German):


Price: 770 Swiss Francs + shipping


Shipped with tracking, insurance to full value, signature required on delivery, 5-10 days shipping time to anywhere in the world.





The popular "Shard" is your ideal companion to carry everyday. The knife can be carried comfortably and discreetly inside your waistband and will be invisible even when wearing tight clothing. The included kydex sheath is designed so that the edge will never come in contact with the sheath. The blade length is approximately 8  centimeters, the blade width about 38millimeters. The blade thickness varies depending on steel type. Most of them are 3.5 or 3.8 millimeters in thickness. The grind a full flat grind with either 0.2  or 0.3 millimeters behind the edge - depending on steel type and application. Sometimes you will see me offer "extra slicey" Shards with a behind the edge thickness of only 0.1 millimeters.



Price: 660 Swiss Francs plus shipping


Shipped with tracking, insurance to full value, signature required on delivery, express, 5-10 days shipping time to anywhere in the world.