Heat Treat & Steels


The heat treat of my blades is extremely important to me. I do all my heat treating in house and utilize modern methods such as cryogenic treatment in liquid nitrogen as well as micrograph analysis of my heat treated steels with a special metallurgical microscope to ensure maximum quality.

As you can see on the picture on the left, the microstructure of my steels is extremely refined compared to what already is considered gold standard on the market.



My wet grinding process ensures that the heat treat is not compromised.

Here you can watch a demonstration of me cutting through a steel rod with one of my knives: 




My range of steels:



  • Nitrobe 77 
  • Vanax Superclean
  • M398 Microclean
  • M390 Microclean

Non / Semi Stainless:

  • Vancron Superclean (updated and refined version of Vancron 40)
  • CPM Rex 121
  • S390 Microclean
  • K390 Microclean
  •  Z-Wear (Alias of CPM Cruwear)
  •  Z-Tuff (Tougher than 3V at higher hardness!)
  • Uddeholm Caldie
  • 1.2562
  • Aogami Super
  • ZDP-189